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2014(平成26)年 コアジャーナル中止リスト[分館]

No. 誌名 コンソーシアム 備考
1Acta odontologica Scandinavica. OnlineInforma Healthcare中止
2American journal of roentgenology. Online 中止
3Anesthesiology : the journal of the American Society of Anesthetists. OnlineLWW中止
4Archives of neurology. Online →JAMA neurology. OnlineAMA中止
5Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology. OnlineLWW中止
6Brain : a journal of neurology. OnlineOUP中止
7British dental journal. OnlineNature中止
8Cell transplantation 中止
9Current opinion in nephrology and hypertension. OnlineLWW中止
10European journal of endocrinology. Online 中止
11Heart. OnlineBMJ中止
12Hypertension. Online 中止
13Implant dentistry. OnlineLWW中止
14Journal of medical microbiology. Online 中止
15Journal of neurointerventional surgery. OnlineBMJ中止
16Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. OnlineBMJ中止
17Journal of periodontology→Journal of periodontology. Online 中止
18Microbiology. Online 中止
19Neurology. OnlineLWW中止
20Pediatric research : an international journal of human developmental biology.Nature中止
21Pediatrics. Online 中止
22Practical neurology. OnlineBMJ中止
23Proceedings of the American Thoracic Society. Online 中止
24Radiation protection dosimetry. OnlineOUP中止
25Radiation research : official organ of the Radiation Research Society 中止
26Swedish dental journal 中止
27Synfacts. OnlineThieme中止
28Synlett. OnlineThieme中止
29The Journal of general virology. Online 中止
30The journal of oral implantology→The journal of oral implantology. Online 中止
31The journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. Online 中止
32Tissue engineering. Part A. Online 中止
33Tissue engineering. Part B, Reviews. Online 中止
34Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods. Online 中止
35Transplantation. OnlineLWW中止